Cultură generală, Fii deștept! v4.2.8 [MOD]
  • Version: 4.2.8
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Games
  • SIZE: 90M
  • Post Date: October 14, 2019
  • Update Date: 2 years ago
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Cultură generală, Fii deștept! Desctiption
General culture for all ages, grid tests with questions with 4 variants of answers.
The game comes with a database of thousands of general culture questions from various fields such as: literature, film, art, sports, history, biology, linguistics and grammar, English, antiquity, information / computer technology, Bible / religion, anatomy , zoology, capitals, massage and more.
Question database is offline (no internet connection is required to play).
98% of the questions were written specifically for this game by the collaborators, they do not appear elsewhere.

A test has 21 questions with 4 answer variants.
The 21 questions are distributed on 3 levels of 7 questions each.

One can do jumi juma, one can ask the crowd or ask one's opinion; you can also skip a question starting with the second level.
There are also 3 chances - the test does not end if 3 questions are answered incorrectly, but only a few points are penalized, depending on the difficulty level.

The scoring system takes into account the time, the difficulty level and the number of sets of questions chosen.
Bonus points are offered when completing a level or winning the game.

The best results can be sent from the Statistics section to participate in an online ranking.

In the Personal Statistics section you can view a lot of information, such as: total points obtained, average points per test, average duration per test, best results, last results, position of the best result in the online ranking, etc.

There are many options, such as: sound background, various sounds, voice announcements of events, etc. (all of these can be enabled / disabled in the Settings section).

It is also available for Android TVs.
It is fully accessible with screen readers such as TalkBack.

To a point, this game brings with the famous "You want to be a millionaire".