Puzzle Mikdach 3D free v3.15 [MOD]
  • Version: 3.15
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Puzzle
  • SIZE: 47M
  • Post Date: July 28, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 months ago
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Puzzle Mikdach 3D free Desctiption
Puzzle Mikdach 3D is an application that let you build a jigsaw, a puzzle , in 3D
, of a model of the Beth hamikdach, the jewish Temple of Jerusalem from the Herod period.
This model is inspired from the description of the Rambam( Maimonid).
The Game have 70 pieces you will have to put back in place.
The free Versions give access to 45 pieces and have advertisng.
Every piece can be blocked and saved. The game will saved the position and you will have the possybility to finish the puzzle later.
Every piece have name according to the description of the Rambam model. that will allow you a good glinch of every details of the Temple, so you will also lear a lot about the beth hamikdach with fun play.
The Game contains 10 cameras views, 5 views will follow the object selected and 5 camera will give you views friom outside, from the whole model to see how itl progress..
Each Camera can be zoomed or controled.
The Game have also a complet model you can load to help you to adjust the pieces you re going to place in the space game.
To Visit the model from inside , you can download the other app: "Jerusalem Temple 3D 2" wich contain characters and animations.