Pis Yedili Online v1.10.1 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.10.1
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  • Categories: Card
  • SIZE: 23M
  • Post Date: August 6, 2021
  • Update Date: 1 year ago
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Pis Yedili Online Desctiption
The most entertaining card game, Filthy Seven is on your phone with the difference of gamyun, and it is FREE and WITHOUT ADS.

You can play as many points as you want without paying any fees.

In the games we have prepared with years of experience, everything is where it should be, in the right dosage, neither more nor less. Our aim is for you to have fun, to have the best dirty sevens experience in our application.

You can meet new people, chat and make friends. You can play games with your friends. The living room, table and private conversations are right at your fingertips. With premium services, you can customize your membership and be different.

The features or peanuts you buy are valid for all our stone / card games, whether you play on your computer, phone or tablet. You do not get individual features and peanuts for each game.

You use nicknames in our games, even if you connect with Facebook, your name or picture will not be visible.

The aim of the filthy sevens is to finish the papers at hand. It is imperative to start the game with a fly, if you don't have a fly, you have to shoot. When it is your turn, you can throw from the previous paper value or series, or you can throw a jack or a joker if you have it. If you want, you can pull a single paper from the floor and pass. This way, you have to finish the cards before the other players.

The rules in gamyun for the game of dirty sevens, which have slight differences according to the regions, are as follows:

* When a 7 is rolled, if you don't have a 7, you draw 3 cards for every 7 rolled.
* If it's a wild game, you draw 10 cards for each wildcard thrown.
* When you roll an ace, the other players draw a card each, and your turn remains.
* Pass the 10th row to the previous player.
* Passes the row of 8 to...