Pinball Battlers v1.4.4 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.4.4
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Arcade
  • SIZE: 91M
  • Post Date: February 19, 2021
  • Update Date: 4 months ago
  • Views: 32
Pinball Battlers Desctiption
This App is a game that combines pinball game and fantasy battle game.
Cute 2D characters (monsters) hop around on pinball stage. and make lively battles with tackles and magics.
- Exiting pinball game with a simple operation
- You can collect more than 100 monsters, and grow them up as you like.
- Various pinball stages like RPG. ex) Forest, Desert, Arena, Sky….
- All made by solo developer! (Images and BGMs also)

*Please note that almost texts are written by Japanese.