ArkResona -アークレゾナ- v1.1.0 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Role Playing
  • SIZE: 72M
  • Post Date: August 14, 2019
  • Update Date: 5 months ago
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ArkResona -アークレゾナ- Desctiption
The moment you touch, the world resonates beautifully.

Let's adventure the islands where magic and ancient weapons thrive with intuitive tap action and deep tap action!

■ Game system
・ Epic fantasy fantasy spelled with animation
-Tap action to strategically capture with simple operation
・ Showy skill production that changes every character
・ All characters can be trained to the highest rarity
Awakening system that can acquire limited illustrations
・ Character width expands by changing stance
・ Character with rich personality by gorgeous voice actors

An action RPG that attacks enemies by erasing blocks with a tap action.
Energize the battle scene with different skill production and fever time for each character!

Equipped with various nurturing systems that keep you adventurous with your favorite characters!
Any character can be trained to the highest rarity.
Awakening will free up costume changes and limited illustrations!
In addition, you can adjust the status of the same character by changing the stance!

Let's adventure in the world of royal road fantasy sent by rich animation production and powerful sound!

■ Story
“The day we had a huge hole in the sky, we met again. ]

There were people who could not meet.

A father who disappeared 10 years ago, a young man who looks just like me, a girl who sleeps in the depths of an ancient ruin.
They don't answer our questions.
So I decided.

Find your lost memory to resonate with the world

■ Cast
Ishikawa Kyojin, Tomita Miyu, Horie Shun, Sakura Ayane, Kobayashi Yusuke, Kino Hina, Fujita Satoshi, Lynn, Kondo Reina, Sugawara Tetsuya, Kato Ai, Honda Mariko, Komatsu Mikako, Tanezaki Yumi, Ozaki Yuka, etc. Many (in no particular order)

+++ [Device specifications required for play] +++

Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later Memory 3GB or more

* Please...