MMA Rivals v0.0.96 [MOD]
  • Version: 0.0.96
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  • Post Date: August 8, 2021
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MMA Rivals Desctiption
MMA Rivals is a multi-platform sport simulator game which puts you in the exciting world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).
The game combines established CCG presentation with real time mechanics to create a tense battle experience which focuses on tactics and timing for simulating the atmosphere of a real MMA fight.
Enter the harsh world of MMA Rivals - train hard, fight tough opponents and do your best to become a champion. Pick among four martial arts’s styles to build the perfect fighter’s strategy and deal with any rival of yours.

*** This Game is still in development! ***

MMA Rivals is made by gamers who love Mixed Martial Arts for the fans of MMA who want to show their skills and strategies in a real time card battler.
Pick your strategy, execute it right, train your fighter and try again - become a champion!

*** 4 martial arts styles to pick from ***
Boxing, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling;
More styles will be added later;

*** FEATURES ***
Play with newly generated fighter each time; Learn new skills; Retire and try again even stronger;

Prepare your tactic to counter your opponent’s style;

Strategy is not enough - execution is the key; Manage stamina, speed and durability in real time to win;

Keep training after each fight; Learn new skills and build up your fighter’s attributes;

Each fighter stars of age 18 and build up his career, having new options to pick from every next year; Some of the skills stay with your next fighter too, helping you get stronger with each new career started;

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
Start with a new fighter; Earn money fighting in different leagues; Earn training points for improving skills and techniques; Unlock new techniques; Build up your strategy before each fight using an easy to understand card...