Euro Truck Simulator 2021 - New Truck Driving Game Modded v1.0 (42M)

Euro Truck Simulator 2021 - New Truck Driving Game Desctiption
The game you've been waiting for has arrived! Want to know what driving a real truck feels like? Euro Truck Driving - 2021 is the best truck simulator that allows you to experience next gen graphics, awesome features and realistic trucking scenarios. This Euro Truck Simulator features many truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors! Drive across Mountain, transport stuff from a city to another, explore the amazing Open World map! Become a professional truck driver and enjoy play euro truck simulator the best 2021.

Driving truck in various city such as Europe, Indonesia, Indian and city more!

- Euro Truck Driving Simulator
- Huge Open World Europe Map
- Mountain and Cities
- Realistic Controls ( steering wheel)
- Manual Transmission and Automatic with H-Shifter and Clutch
- Accurate Engine Sounds
- Lots of trailers to transport
- Visual and mechanical damage on vehicles
- Dynamic Weather System (rain and sun)
- Customize Truck (color and accecories)
- Offline drive truck

How to play:
Start the truck with the Start / Stop button
Select job mission and drive truck helping city to deliver trailer to destination warehouse
Take control of the truck using the accelerate and brake buttons.

Thank you and Enjoy!