Hoàng Hậu Giá Đáo Modded v1.1.2 (39M)

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Hoàng Hậu Giá Đáo Desctiption
In your previous life, you worked hard to help him ascend to the throne, but ended up being exiled to the palace, and the whole family was beheaded.
Back at the age of 16, you have two choices in front of you:
Trust him again, go back to the past in the past
Or, hold the power by yourself, no longer stop because of him alone!

Collect all kinds of Costumes,
"Every girl's fashion fantasies, will come true here. Decide on your own wardrobe, dress to shine."

Making good friends
"The first handsome man - Phan An, the king of kings - Ung Chinh, the peerless god of war - Lan Lang Vuong.

Archery wins easily
With the help of teammates, more smoothly

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