Merge Cannon Defense 3D Modded v1.0.7 (62M)

Merge Cannon Defense 3D Desctiption
In 2175, due to resources shortage, the earth is no longer suitable for human survival. In order to continue human civilization, we decide to move to a new planet.

On the way to our new home, however, unknown enemies suddenly attacked us. Like a scene that only appears in cyberpunk sci-fi, you got trapped here.

For the renewal of human civilization, we strive to fight back. We build up a Cannon Army and appoint you as the Commander. Upgrade your Cannon Tower and fight for lives!

Can human beings survive this disaster?

Commander, you are the only hero and hope now!

● Unlock dozens of cannons in your armory
● Merge cannons to achieve more advanced cannons
● Defend against increasingly powerful waves of enemies
● Automatically collecting coins

How 'bout some actions, Commander! We are here 24/7 waiting for your orders!

Cannon's charging up! Let's make an oasis of hope!