MK Games: Сборник Крутых Игр Modded v1.0.210622 (151M)

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MK Games: Сборник Крутых Игр Desctiption
Download just one game application instead of a dozen others and play the most interesting, popular and different genre games for free!

Sometimes it gets boring to download app after app. I want something more - to be transported to my own world, where there is everything for a good adventure. A kind of game augmented reality, hidden from the uninitiated. Do you want to play different free games and have them always at hand? We did it for you!

On Monday, you love puzzle games - and there you go. On Wednesday, the soul wished for a strategy - and she was right there! Labyrinths, crystals, puzzles, whatever. Looking for games like sega (sega) and dandy (dendy)? Voila! And you get all this for free in one application. But let's go in order ... So, what do we have there ?!

"Three in a row"
And this is a classic of the genre - popular match 3 games for free. Very meditative: crystals shine, music plays - and so on until the puzzle is complete. Match 3 puzzle game where everything is very dynamic and fun. Now it is difficult to imagine that such a genre once did not exist. But now this game of crystals will soon be included in the category of "popular retro games", which speaks of the trust of the players!

And finally, strategy games. Evil forces are attacking, one hope is in faithful dragons and a pure mind. Like any strategy game, it requires you to be able to keep many objects in your head and in your field of vision at once. Difficult but addicting! Accuracy, dexterity, tube design - and a cozy mood.

"Bomberman" (arcade game)
Before you is a popular arcade game where the hero performs a Very Important Mission. And along the way, he blows up obstacles, fights with enemies and never gets discouraged! Games like dandy (dendy), and even free, are popular these days. For some, this is a reason to plunge into childhood, while others are in a hurry to touch unknown rarities....