Zombie Sniper Shooter : Target Shooting Games v3 [MOD]
  • Version: 3
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  • Post Date: July 15, 2021
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Zombie Sniper Shooter : Target Shooting Games Desctiption
Zombie Sniper Shooter : Target Shooting is a counter shooting game where you can kill zombies with a variety of weapons! As a Real Army commando, you have to be prepared to deal with the most extreme cases off front zombie attacks and animals that are converted into epic zombies. Trained in shooting from modern automatic and sniper skills, Prove that you are the best shooter among the enemies with modern arm. In Zombie survival games you are are real fps Commando to shoot down Zombies.

The zombie virus is going out of control! Epic zombies are taking over the City! You are a well trained special forces Army commando and your mission is to fight against zombies and to take over the base .You need to kill all zombies in this Zombie Combat :Target Shooting Simulator 3D game and experience the real battle survival in offline Zombie hunting game. DEAD TARGET SHOOTING is also available in missions to shoot down the zombies

Different Zombies are very dangerous creation and they can kill the people and take control of the cities in the mean time. Even the best Commando will become dead surrounded by the apocalypse zombies without proper weapons and armory. The new virus is coming out, animals are changed into deadly zombies therefore, do not be lazy and do not sit still, but take the AKM and other modern weapons and clear the missions. Moreover, the post-apocalyptic world contains rich resources, and many interesting things in forgotten laboratories, military bases, bunkers and other strategic points. You are only last hope to find the shelter of another last survivor and destroy them in free survival zombie crafting game.

After the Zombies Attack, all military bases that are caught in the middle of a zombie warfare, lost and left to dead, you must put your military training and weapon handling skills to get back the cities as a sniper shooter in free zombie survival game. As a weapon expert, you must use the trigger any weapon...