Firefighter Simulator 2018: Real Firefighting Game v1.11 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.11
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Comics
  • SIZE: 68M
  • Post Date: August 9, 2019
  • Update Date: 6 months ago
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Firefighter Simulator 2018: Real Firefighting Game Desctiption
Firefighter Simulator 2018: Real Firefighting Game allows you to serve American emergency services to rescue people from inferno burning fire. Put fire extinguishers, smoke extinguishers, fire hose, bunker gear and other firefighting apparatuses for fire emergency. Turn on firefighter truck siren and drive as fast as you can to reach to the calamity place like a real rescuer. This American firefighter simulation game is basically a firefighter academy where you can enjoy rescue training. In this fire fighter game you are a part of fire brigade. You are also a truck driver in this fire emergency game.

Firefighter simulation games are rescue training that demonstrate how to safe people from burning fire. Your duty is to safe innocent people in fire emergency as a real fire men do. This firefighting game is a timed based so you have to extinguish fire within given time. Rescue people as soon as possible and become a real fire firefighter legend. Drive fast like a real truck driver to reach the fire zone. Join American firefighter and serve people in fire emergency service. Fire fighter game is also a truck driving as well as a truck parking game. Enjoy number of firefighting missions of this rescue game.

Firefighter Simulator 2018: Real Firefighting Game Features:
* Thrilling fire rescue missions in realistic emergency situations
* Firefighting truck with water hose to eliminate smoke and fire
* Subsisted this American firefighter game on ultimate scenarios with 3D effects
* Modern firefighting equipment for rescue operation
* Smooth controls and easy game play
* Amusing graphics and vibrant sound effects

Firefighter Simulator 2018: Real Firefighting Game needs best driving skills. American firefighter game tells that how fire station works in emergency situation. Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics of fire brigade working. Complete the missions in given time like real fire men. This is firefighter academy is the best game in all...