Ages up to 12 v1.0.6 [MOD]
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Ages up to 12 Desctiption
Be-bears develop the key skills kids need in math, spelling, reading, writing, problem solving, science, nature, and creativity. 🌎

• DEVELOPMENT OF MATH: Our classes guide children through concepts that help them master this important subject area. Repetition is key, so we designed this section to be different every time.

• LANGUAGE AND LITERACY: Learn about the letters of the alphabet and how they make up words. Learn to read with phonics. Our ever-expanding LEARNING TO READ BOOK library contains personalized reading experiences. We guide children through early reading levels, including wordless books, to instill confidence.

• SCIENCE AND STUDY OF NATURE. One of the best ways to encourage your child to read is to read to him. Our app will do it for you with the help of warm and talented actors. EXPLORE THE WORLD BOOKS are fascinating popular science publications. They are specially made for small children. Find out how nature works in our Caterpillar garden!

• CREATIVE ARTS: Expand your child's imagination and encourage artistic expression in many creative pursuits.

• RIDDLES AND MIND: Teach children to use their own minds to figure out how to solve problems.

• Items are supported and improved with SONGS and VIDEOS, deepening your child's learning. Songs are a proven teaching tool used by teachers around the world.

Many of our lessons and activities are integrated, which means that children learn many concepts and skills at the same time.
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