CouplesQuiz: Couples Relationship Quiz Game v2.1.1 [MOD]
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CouplesQuiz: Couples Relationship Quiz Game Desctiption
The most fun relationship game for couples in love is now free to play with no registration required. Just enter yours and your partners names to play this fun quiz for couples!

How well do you know your partner?

Have you ever wanted to ask your spouse "how well do you know me?" Does your partner think they know the answers to the most questions in your relationship? Well now is the best time to find out who knows the answers to the most questions in your relationship with this fun Mr & Mrs couples game, with tons of questions to ask your significant other. Couples all over the world love questions from our quiz!

What type of couple are you?

Whether it's couples that are dating together or couples in a long lasting marriage, this fun couples quiz is sure to be entertaining for any level of lovers. Test your relationship knowledge together with our CouplesQuiz app - the most fun trivia game for couples to play and see who will be the winner with this extremely fun relationship game, enjoy the perfect date night ideas with your significant other.

How To Play CouplesQuiz is simple

Enter yours and your partners name to begin, then take turns asking your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or spouse questions from the couples quiz until you reach the end of the game. Once you have asked all questions in the quiz. the one true winner in the relationship who knows the most about their partner will be chosen. The loser at the end of the game will then have to perform a forfeit that you choose.

What can I make my girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or significant other do when they lose in the couples quiz relationship game?

There are many fun couples forfeits to chose from including:

- Loser has to kiss the winner on the hands
- Loser has to wash the dishes for a week
- Winner can choose to post on their partners social media
- Loser has to take the winner out on a date
- Make...