Tân Minh Chủ – SohaGame v4.0.3 [MOD]
  • Version: 4.0.3
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Strategy
  • SIZE: 62M
  • Post Date: May 13, 2021
  • Update Date: 1 month ago
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Tân Minh Chủ - SohaGame Desctiption
[Special] Game can not be Force - Overcoming VIP - Offline receive resources

"Inability to fitness" is a trait that can only be seen in the top strategy games: play until you get over the top, no need to worry about fitness, no need to ask for dumplings, freely build squad. , try new directions, even "level plow" continuously. Not only that, Tan Minh Chu is a fertile land for people to plow thanks to the mechanism of Crossing to Vip - Offline still has rewards, 1 week off is still as strong as ever!

[100% Vietnamese Dev] The biological child of the NSX artist Mong Vo Lam, Dai Minh Owner - Specializes in making super game

Tan Minh Chu is a product produced by Hiker Games - one of the leading studios on Vietnamese games, especially the series of games that have been used to earn a lot of money. With the desire to bring a world-class and global value game, Tan Minh Chu inherits innovative, "genuine" technology and molded by experienced leading developers of Hiker Games. Both gameplay and graphics of Tan Minh Chu are on a different level, ready to cut other competitors in the market.

[Tactical Peak] 9 tiles - 6 generals - 150 skills - 300 lineups

Tan Minh Chu brings back the top 9 - 6 game play of the tactical line. With a skill system of up to 150 - including 70 original Kim Dung martial arts masterpieces, Tan Minh Chu turns each match into a real swordplay movie. 300 formations, hundreds of build directions, a thousand directions.

[Freedom of Squad] General 5 * / SSR is Ordinary - General Without Dividing is Heaven

Forget the old strategy games, Tan Minh Chu is the culmination of the strategy when all generals are not bound by quality. Whether Tieu Phong, Duong Qua or Lon Co Cau Bai ... also have the same starting point when recruiting, players hold full control over who upgrade, how to use it, how to build a squad. "There are no bad generals - just afraid of not knowing how to...