Shadow's Edge – Resilience, Selfcare & Anti Stress v1.9.3 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.9.3
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  • Categories: Health & Fitness
  • SIZE: 40M
  • Post Date: February 27, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 weeks ago
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Shadow's Edge - Resilience, Selfcare & Anti Stress Desctiption
Do you want to live a life full of happiness, build resilience, support your mental health and get anxiety relief? Welcome to Shadow's Edge! Become a graffiti creator, express your thoughts in your personal self-care journal and play this game to find stress relief!

The city of Shadow’s Edge has been hit by a storm and it needs YOU to get back to healthy living & well being!

Find the missing pages of the self care JOURNAL and build resilience while you fill them. It is all about self-discovery, self care and self reflection. Your RESILIENCE will bring the world of Shadow’s Edge back to life.

Tag the walls with GRAFFITI and feel empowered, as you work through your feelings, from anxiety, depression to trauma to daily life challenges. Draw something creative, express yourself in digital art & support your mental health & self-discovery as a graffiti creator. Let your imagination run wild, the in-app painting games are waiting for you!

Meet the Guardians who guide your journey to self care, anxiety relief as well as self-discovery. Build resilience with in-game challenges like stress relief games, painting games as well as anxiety games.
Our game helps you to build the skills for better self reflection, self care and self-discovery. Be creative and find your way for healthier living, well being and anxiety relief with digital art. Express yourself while you draw something, be creative & become a graffiti creator. Take charge of your mental health in a fun, new way - with painting games, a self care journal and anti-stress exercises.

Shadow’s Edge is the space to feel accepted in a community of thousands by sharing your digital art, feel heard and reduce isolation.

▪️ Take control of your mental health & well being
▪️ Better self-discovery & self reflection