تحدي الذكاء v1.4 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.4
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Word
  • SIZE: 11M
  • Post Date: March 2, 2021
  • Update Date: 8 months ago
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تحدي الذكاء Desctiption
We present to you the wonderful application again in a different and new way, the challenge of intelligence, the gold version, get it now for free

Genius game, download, play and learn at the same time

The first cultural cognitive game is back to you in its new second version and entertaining the smart people. Challenge yourself and friends in an entertaining and wonderful way

A useful and fun puzzle and questions and answers game for smart people and to increase your culture in an entertaining and fun way

Play, benefit, challenge friends, and add to your mind lots and lots of cultural, scientific and religious information at the same time

The game contains dozens of different levels of multiple difficulty, from very easy to medium to difficult

You must answer the questions to reach the number of points that qualify you to open the next level and so on with a large number of cultural questions and the development of the levels

First: a question and four answers, which is the stage that contains one question. You must choose one correct answer from the four options available

Second: true and false. You have to read the question carefully. Then you must choose true or false

Third: You have a question that you must read well and then compose the correct answer from the letters below

Fourth: It contains a question and enables you to install the correct answer using the letters available to you at the top

Fifth: It is a link of letters that you must dive into and answer questions to obtain many new knowledge and information

You have aids above that let you skip the questions you find difficult
You also have a plugin that will solve part of the puzzle if you can't do it on your own

In each level you will be given various useful, non-repetitive, and wonderful questions

If you are a genius and very clever you will get interesting and funny decorations

There are...