ChessDroid: chess game offline, Chess960, engine v4.5.5 [MOD]
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  • Post Date: February 14, 2020
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ChessDroid: chess game offline, Chess960, engine Desctiption
Chessdroid features
Chess with Stockfish engine
ChessDroid is a chess game application that allows you to play against a real opponent or against a computer program - the engine (Stockfish). The skill level of the game engine is governed by the installation of the appropriate options, which makes this strategy game interesting for both the novice player and the experienced one. As an engine, it is used as already noted above - Stockfish, the world recognized leader in this field. It is enough to note that the Elo rating of the last Stockfish 10 engine is equal to 3600, whereas even the strongest chess players in the world have ratings below 2900. The engine can be used both as your opponent and as your assistant (prompter) at the same time.
For the convenience of playing chess with a human opponent, it is possible to use one device, with the pieces turning 180 degrees after each move (when opponents are on opposite sides of the board), with the board turning 180 degrees after each move (when opponents are on one side of the board) , or two devices using bluetooth connection.
To limit the amount of time for the opponents to think about their moves, a special clock was invented in chess (it began with an hourglass). In modern chess (timer), each player after his turn presses his button on the timer to switch the timing. In ChessDroid, the timer switches after each move without additional intervention by the players. All you need to do to play with the clock is to set the necessary options in the appropriate place of the application (either leave it as it was set earlier or by default) and turn on the timer. The meaning and meaning of the timer options correspond to the context in which they appear.
Chess960 chess (also called Fisher random chess) was conceived in order to reduce the impact of the opening stage on the game. Since many popular debuts in recent decades have been studied for a large number of moves, the...