Ta Là Tổng Tài v1.1 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.1
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  • Post Date: March 7, 2020
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Ta Là Tổng Tài Desctiption
《Ta Am Tai Tai》 The most attractive feature of the player is that it can bring a completely genuine start-up feeling, players can experience success in starting a business to bring joy and income, and Can sense the risk, the sense of failure and the loss in starting a business. The game is simple to manipulate, but in that simplicity involves complex decisions, players can rely on the different proficiency of Tinh Anh to play the battle and receive the most income.
Land Property System
Players who qualify, build their respective Assets, can recruit workers and Elite residents, and workers and elites can increase the profits of the assets, the assets can also be upgraded, each Levels are brought many benefits, players can rely on existing resources to allocate assets and gain.
Elite System
Tinh Anh can send to Land Assets to battle, Tinh Anh can level up, Progress, Training, Equip Vehicles, can increase Tinh attributes.
Private Vehicle System
Private vehicles divided into S, A, B, C, D levels, each level based on the number of stars from 1 to 5 is divided into 5 levels, 3 low-class stars are combined into 1 high-class star car, Private vehicles can be renovated. , enhance and increase attributes.
Mainline system
The player can go to Tinh Anh battle to do the main battle, take some gold to enter, and fight the boss, which can receive exp and items.
Investment System
Players can rely on the situation to select the level of investment, after choosing it, use gold to invest, investors can receive exp and important items.
Purchasing System
Players need to choose a city to buy, during the game players need to defeat the boss in Lv1-5 architecture to expand the terrain and receive shares, when the stake is greater than 50%, the player can play Battle the boss total to receive many items.
Mineral System
Players can rely on their true ability to challenge other players, after winning will occupy the mineral, the...