Space Idle Ark: craft mine mans build ship farm v0.8 [MOD]
  • Version: 0.8
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Adventure
  • SIZE: 31M
  • Post Date: August 6, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 years ago
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Space Idle Ark: craft mine mans build ship farm Desctiption
3D game Idle space Arks is a post-apocalyptic space survival, craft minerals and construction. Idle The space fleet has been destroyed and you need to craft minerals and build ships to survive. Idle Space survival is not easy but crafting minerals and building ark ships will be an adventure. The game is planned to make a large space fleet of ships, arks and stations for survival. The game is currently in early stages of development and updates will depend on your support.

An incredible event happened in the universe and post-apocalypse began. All stars in all solar systems have fired huge energy flares. The fuss has stopped and the few survivors in the universe need to save each other. Space survival simulator to save lives in the universe and expand the crew of the ships of the arks. The plot begins as the Asteroid Miner asks for your help. Together you can craft minerals and asteroids, build ships.

Objectives in the game:
Space survival depends on crafting and building ark ships. We need to build a space fleet. You need to build stations for Idle survival. Craft minerals and mine asteroids to build stations. Convert resources into energy. Rescue survivors and gather a crew of arks.

3D game Idle space Arks is full of post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Asteroids and destroyed stations. But despite this, space survival in the game will be an adventure. Stylized 3D game can delight you with color and music. Survival simulator is diluted with notes of Idle space. Crafting minerals and mine asteroids, building ships to rescue survivors will be nice.

Levels in the game:
The game is currently 3 levels (the game is in early development stage). The first level is training, where you can understand how to craft minerals and mine asteroids. How to study blueprints and build ships. Level 2 is open space and mine asteroids as the first training to build ships arks
Level 3 is already a full-fledged start to the 3D game...