Cotton Candy Shop – Colorful Candy Maker v1.3 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.3
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Role Playing
  • SIZE: 18M
  • Post Date: August 8, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 years ago
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Cotton Candy Shop - Colorful Candy Maker Desctiption
Cotton Candy Making
Total six different type of shape of cotton candy with seven flavours.
Flavours are Grapes,Dragon food, Strawberry, Orange, Kiwi, Blue Berry and Rainbow.
So you have more than 42 combination of cotton candy making.

Using stick make one of your sweetest cotton candy.
Now It’s time to decorate the candy using fruits toppings, peppermint and desert.
Sell the cotton candy to your customer and earn reward.
Collect coin from customer put on counter box.

Cleaning The Shopping Mart
Clean the shopping mart with cleaning tools.
Put all the dust in trace.
Clean the surface using broom and mop.
Clean the spider dust.
Remove the paint using cleaner.
Clean the dirty wall.

Ice Cream Making
Total five different type of shape of ice cream corn.
Decorate your ice cream plate using delicious flavours of ice cream
Put cream, fruits, toppings, wafer on ice cream.

Toy Shorting
Put the all the toy on relevant place.
After that you need tho fix broken toy’s using tools
Toy’s jigsaw puzzle will make you happy to complete the puzzle.

Pop The Ballon
You have to pop all the ballon using canon.
You can rotate the canon 360 digress.
No Time limits so take perfect shot.

Cotton candy Collect
Collect cotton candy as much as you can in the box.
Don’t pick the wrong one.
Collect the candy till progress bar fully fill.

Game Features
Qualitative Graphics and sound.
Simple & User friendly controls.
Good particles & effects.
Best Animation.

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