Grow Beets v4.0.0 [MOD]
  • Version: 4.0.0
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  • Categories: Strategy
  • SIZE: 81M
  • Post Date: August 9, 2019
  • Update Date: 6 months ago
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Grow Beets Desctiption
Are you ready to play the cutest game online, the exciting Grow Beets? The game filled with colour, candy and adventure!

Meet the Beet Buddies! They are like birds - they hatch from eggs, and each of them is unique.
Beet Buddies have a sweet tooth, and that's why they like sweets and candy most of all!
Feed and tap the Beet Buddies and watch them evolve and grow.
Beet Buddies love to dress up - put some funny clothes on them and watch them progress to create your own beet story!
Tap to play the drum and dance with Beet Buddies down in the village!
Clear out and crush the clearings with them to plant new plants!
The more sugar beets you farm - the more sweets for Beet Buddies!
Click and grow kilometers and hectares of beets to advance in the game. There will be houses where your friends - funny Best Buddies - will live!
Unlock different Beet Buddy heroes, feed and upgrade them and have the best dream adventure, leave them idle if you wish so that they grow sugar beets faster and produce more sweets.
Resource management is important, so prepare to be engulfed into the best strategy game of 2018.
Grow new beet houses at the farm and you will see how the world becomes greener and sweeter, because you plant sugar beets all over the planet!

How to Play:
Begin the game by clicking on an egg rapidly to hatch your first beet buddy. When it hatches you'll then need to feed it to help it grow!
Drag beet buddy to beetroot plant to farm more candy and use this to unlock new types of sweets for your beet buddy and hatch even more beet buddies!
When they grow big enough they will give you more candies! Watch the world grow green.
Manage the amount of candy you have carefully so you can feed the beet buddies the types of candy they currently want to eat. It's all about strategy but with a casual element to the game.

Game features:
* The most positive game! No destruction - only creation!