Snake jungle run: Survival race adventure v1.2 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.2
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Games
  • SIZE: 68M
  • Post Date: February 18, 2020
  • Update Date: 11 months ago
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Snake jungle run: Survival race adventure Desctiption
Play the survival running adventure of jungle snake running hyper casual game and enjoy the endless snake running game. Enjoy the new adventure game features running snakes & serpents, mines & dodge, coins, dash & power ups. Download the new hyper casual running game for jungle snake run, survive & escape. Play the snakes running rescue adventure game with different snake characters in action pack running, dash, dodge, rush & adventure game. Collect the coins in action & adventure snake run and get power ups along the way to unlock new fast running snake characters like rattle snakes, vipers & cobras survival action hyper casual game.

Save the running snake characters in jungle kingdom runner survival adventure game for every age group. Play one of the most addictive endless snake running game which is designed for unlimited fun in your extra time. Unlock various snakes like viper, cobras & rattle snakes in this adventure hyper casual runner game in different jungle obstacles stages in challenging Jungle Island. Rescue the jungle snakes from the forest enemies & animals trying to catch the running snakes. Save your cobra to unlock new speedy snakes along the way with more speed and powers to encounter the dodgy obstacles. Dodge the different obstacles, make your way & escape from jungle in the endless runner games. Play as speedy snakes in most exciting adventure game in the world of jungle snake kingdom.

Snake jungle run: Survival race adventure features:

• Speed snake adventure running hyper casual game in jungle snake survival run
• Run through the jungle island and escape from the challenging obstacles
• Play with several exciting running snakes: vipers, cobras, serpents & rattle snakes
• Pick different power ups and coins to unlock new running snakes and stages
• Action pack 2D endless hyper casual running, survival & adventure game
• Collect coins and make high...