ibble – Spark Conversations v7.6.0 [MOD]
  • Version: 7.6.0
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  • Categories: Entertainment
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  • Post Date: February 23, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 months ago
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ibble - Spark Conversations Desctiption
The need for human connection has never been greater.

No digital platform has been fully optimized to encourage and celebrate the art of organic conversation, until now.

ibble is leading a new era of social media with a platform that replicates how we have conversations in real life. By providing a space to connect with ideas, a unique feature to spark curiosity, and the choice to decide who you want to share with, ibble is transforming short-form video into a truly interactive experience.

We’re currently in beta testing. To experience the unique features below, join our waitlist on the app!

Public & Private Conversations:
Build relationships. Discuss topics privately or publicly to digitally evolve your connections like never before. Find your people.

Be a Fly on the Wall:
Want to gain perspective? Watch unique conversations unfold in real-time to see what others are thinking on topics you’re curious about.

Create channels around topics to inspire your fans or friends. Easily document your life in a continuous conversation thread.

Ask Me Anything:
Call on your fans or friends to ask questions. Spark top-rated questions to answer in your conversation thread. This is an easy way to connect and even find a new audience.

Watch and participate in celebrity and influencer interviews. Interviews are now a fully immersive experience - your questions and responses could end up sparked into the interview alongside famous faces.

Join our waitlist! We’ll notify you when it’s time for the big reveal.