Evil Robot Doll Transform: Horror Robot  Games v1.3 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.3
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Lifestyle
  • SIZE: 66M
  • Post Date: February 19, 2021
  • Update Date: 6 months ago
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Evil Robot Doll Transform: Horror Robot Games Desctiption
The night of horror began when you entered the scary house guarded by an evil robot doll spirit, there is no going back now in this games. Transforming robot is possessed by an evil spirit roaming around the scary house looking for people trying to escape from this horror nightmare. Transforming robot will capture you, when she finds you in this spooky house. The horror and death is after anyone who entered the spooky house. In order to survive in the transforming games from the transforming robot you can hide anywhere in the scary house ruled by an evil doll. Use weapons and complete the puzzles, or find an explosive robotic doll that helps you make thing explode, that would be very beneficial in surviving the scary death in the spooky house.

Dangerous Transforming Games: Escape from a Transforming Robot

Evil robot doll is looking for a new victim at this scary and spooky house. Your need to survive and avoid being killed by the transforming robot in this horror house. The transforming games is full of spooky jump scares around the house and a fight against a transforming robot. In the transforming games robot have powers to sense you.

Spooky Transforming Games: Be Careful

In this game while escaping from the Transforming Robot Doll you can find many mysteries around the spooky and scary house in which you are trying to survive in this transforming game. In this horror games your mission is to stop this evil robot doll from killing anyone and put an end to this everlasting horror. Pay attention to the little details and find clues in this horror game in order to accomplish the mission of escaping the horror house. Stay quiet, robot can hear you and have robotic powers to find you. The robot can transform with extreme robotic speed from one place to another. The robot have objective is destruction of anyone who dared to step a foot in the house. Protect yourself from the angry transforming robot doll. The transforming robot is always...