GamePoint Klaverjassen – Free Card Game! v1.187.31705 [MOD]
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  • Post Date: August 5, 2021
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GamePoint Klaverjassen – Free Card Game! Desctiption
Download GamePoint Klaverjassen and enjoy a classic Dutch card game! GamePoint Klaverjassen is a free-to-play card game bringing all the best features from this Dutch classic game right to your mobile phone. Play against your friends, family or Klaverjassen players from all over the world anytime you want! Go head to head against your opponents and try to win a round and gain coins, experience, and achievements. Join the biggest Klaverjassen community and never get bored, you will always find people to play this classic card game with! GamePoint Klaverjassen is a game of skill and strategy, outsmart your opponent and become a champion of the best free card game! GamePoint Klaverjassen will give you the true authentic Dutch card game experience.

GamePoint Klaverjassen is a 2v2 card game where the goal is to play the highest valued card each trick. Once every player has played a card, a new trick will begin. A single round consists of 8 tricks meaning every player always receives 8 cards at the start of the round.

Download GamePoint Klaverjassen for free on your smartphone or tablet so you can enjoy the top features of GamePoint Klaverjassen like:
🌎 Play and have fun with people from all over the world
💰 Free bonus coins every few hours!
🤓 Easy to learn, hard to master
⌚ Real time matches
🌐 Seamless cross-platform experience
💬 Chat, connect and find friends!
✔ Start a game from the park, subway or the comfort of your own couch!

Choose from 2 exciting game modes! You can play with the Rotterdam or Amsterdam rules. In Rotterdam rules when a player cannot follow suit in a trick, they are obligated to play a trump card if possible. If they have a trump card that has a higher value than all the other cards currently played on the table, they must play the card.
With Amsterdam rules this last requirement is not needed when their teammate currently has the highest value card on the table. They must however...