Shape War – 2D Shooter v0.2 [MOD]
  • Version: 0.2
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Action
  • SIZE: 17M
  • Post Date: May 4, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 weeks ago
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Shape War - 2D Shooter Desctiption
The Classic 2D Shooter Game,
Shape War - 2D Shooter Game - If you are the fan of classic 2D shooter Game. You gonna love the post processed game with blooming effect.

The shapes are waging war among them. So get ready your character shape - Triangle to shoot the enemy shapes off the battle.

Top Features of Shape War - 2D Shooter Game
-100% Free.
- No need to connect to Wifi - Internet.
- Post Processed Blooming Effect.
- Multi-Touch Functionality.

HOW TO PLAY (Controls)
- Tap the Bottom-Left area to move your Triangle Left.
- Tap the Bottom-Right area to move your Triangle Right.
- Tap on Top Area to Shoot the Enemy Shapes.

- Normal Mode: Single Enemy Shape will appear and you can shoot single bullet at a time.
- Hard Mode: Three different Enemy Shapes in their unique colors and you can shoot three bullets at a time.
- Game Over: When the Enemy Touches the ground the game will be over. Score as many you can and have fun.

You can play Shape War - The Classic 2D Shooter on all android devices. Enjoy playing this game anytime, anywhere you like. With the attractive fun gameplay, this game will help you have exciting free time. Download this Shape War - The classic 2D Shooter and enjoy it!

Share your feedback with me in the comments, so that I can make improvements based on your wish.