Try Not To Fall Guys: Fun Do Not Fall Falling Game v1.53 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.53
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Casual
  • SIZE: 20M
  • Post Date: May 15, 2021
  • Update Date: 1 month ago
  • Views: 11
Try Not To Fall Guys: Fun Do Not Fall Falling Game Desctiption
Try Not To Fall Guys is a fun do not fall logic puzzles stack falling game. Can you stack the little fall guys without them falling down? This physics-based do not fall game is very challenging and one of the best logic puzzle falling games.

When you have succeeded stacking the little fall guys, a 5 seconds timer starts ticking. Will your cute little stacks stay in shape or will the falling guys fall down and collapse? What a thrill and so fun to play!

Try Not To Fall Guys is one of the new unique stack falling games that includes realistic physics based puzzles and fun to play falling action.

• Over 50 unique and challenging levels
• Very nice graphics and fun Characters
• Smooth, realistic physics
• Addicting Challenges and long term motivation

This game is such a fun do not fall Falling Game. Try Not To Fall Guys, your cute stack falling game with Physics based puzzles and stack falling logic games. Start stacking and do not fall!