MyTosWiki – Mathematician of Tower of Saviors v1.0.0.58 [MOD]
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MyTosWiki - Mathematician of Tower of Saviors Desctiption
MyTosWiki is born when a mathematician plays Tower of Savior.
MyTosWiki provides cards gallery, miscellaneous computation systems of games.

Card information is fetched and rearranged from web page and author himself. ^_^

Our data source, Tower of Saviors Wiki, contains abundant cards and stages content.
Let us appreciate those Summoners major update web:

Traditional Chinese : BrockF5, Btoky, Hugochau, Towerofsaviors, Wingwing007
English : JoetjeF, Lycentia, RaccoonKun, Wingwing007, Towerofsaviors, Btoky

Data source web pages :
Traditional Chinese神魔之塔_繁中維基