Four In A Row | Connect 4 – Online Multiplayer v8.5.3 [MOD]
  • Version: 8.5.3
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  • SIZE: 68M
  • Post Date: February 14, 2020
  • Update Date: 6 months ago
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Four In A Row | Connect 4 - Online Multiplayer Desctiption
The popular classic board game Four In A Row also known as Captain's Mistress,Four Up,Vier Gewinnt ,Lig 4, Forza Quattro or Connect 4 is now available for free with online multiplayer mode

Easy Rules - User your Brain🧠
Four in a row is a simple and very easy to learn board game like Tic Tac Toe - The rules are just as simple as in tic tac toe, but connect four demands a much better strategy as instead of 3 in a row you need to have four - so you need to have a better strategy than you opponent when you try to connect four pieces to win the game.

Online multiplayer 👥
Play this brain game online 1v1 against players around the world also trying to connect 4 in a row. No login is necessary. Send you opponent emojis during the online game 😂

Offline multiplayer 🆚
Play offline against your friend on one device 1vs1 in hotseat mode

Computer opponents 👤🤖
Test your strategy and train your brain against three different computer opponent skills

High Scores 🏆
Compare your ELO, coins won and your game statistics with thousands of other players.

Four In A Row is a fast puzzle strategy game that is easy to learn and offers both beginners and experienced players strategic challenges. One of the classic board games like Checkers, Chess or Ludo.

Other names or similar variants of the games include Score Four, Find Four, Noughts and Crosses, Qubic, Teeko, Picaria, Gravitrips, Kunligu Kvar, Conecta 4, Puissance 4, Fyra i rad Cestovní piškvorky, Neljän suora, Fire på stribe, Czwórki, Vier gewinnt, Plot Four, Fourplay, Four in a Line