Kitchen Fever Food Restaurant & Cooking Games v1.01 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.01
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Food & Drink
  • SIZE: 77M
  • Post Date: May 18, 2019
  • Update Date: 4 years ago
  • Views: 515
  • UNLIMITED BOOSTERS (not Decrease)
  • UNLIMITED GEMS (buy A Life & Receive 878787 Gems)
  • UNLIMITED COINS (play A Lvl & Receive 878787 Coins)
Kitchen Fever Food Restaurant & Cooking Games Desctiption
Kitchen Madness Pro Cooking Games & Food Restaurant is a new cooking game for girls & the new craze in the restaurant genre!Upgrade your kitchen & serve your customers in this food maker games!Learn how to cook new recipes like chicken tasty with french fries & chips!You will learn from Chef World how to cook tasty dishes & meals!You will test out oriental restaurant,chinese restaurant,italian restaurant & improve your cook skills by playing this new fast food games for girls!The madness of cooking will get you going!You will learn to serve on the street food & cook like mama delicious meals,dish and desserts from every country in the world!

- 4 Restaurants with tasty food!
- 140+ Levels with free recipes
- Best free cooking gameplay!
- Serve your hungry customers!

Chinese restaurant was always the hardest one! Did you know that Pork Dumplings as snacks and Shrimp with Broccoli in Garlic Sauce for dinner is the main course in this country? Also, did you know that Fried Rice with soya sauce has the best complex carbohydrates?Japanese sushi shouldn't be forgotten!Tempura and Sashimi Sushi are great with a hot bowl of Ramen or Makizushi will make your day! Make sure your sushi rice is cooked with wasabi and soya sauce to perfectly season the food!

This fast food maker is one of the best top chef games & restaurant games for girls with tons of levels to finish!You will get free recipes & you will have to complete 4 restaurants!Get ready to learn delicious american pie & dessert from an original free recipe!Learn to cook best donuts, cheesecake & brownies in town!If you want to make something tasty, you will create vanilla cream or chocolate cream & little fruit cakes!The kitchen will get you going in this pizza maker game & popcorn maker!Fried, baked or grilled, the Pork Chops will be delicious!We will also cover the fresh seafood & sushi dishes as well & the real...
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