Card Wars: Battle Royale CCG Lockdown brawl v4.0.1 [MOD]
  • Version: 4.0.1
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Card
  • SIZE: 90M
  • Post Date: June 8, 2021
  • Update Date: 1 year ago
  • Views: 152
Card Wars: Battle Royale CCG Lockdown brawl Desctiption
Card Battle is an epic PvP card collection game that lets you unlock, upgrade, and battle with unique cards and quirky and fun characters.

- Play for FREE with players across the world
- Unlock up to 15 epic cards including FIRESTORM, BURGLAR, and CANNON
- Play with friends and strangers
- Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest
- Level up to move up leagues
- Unlock heroes
- Fast-paced competitive and fun - for FREE!
- Easy enough for beginners, tough enough to keep you hooked
- FREE bonus rewards every day!
- Excellent comic graphics and funny animations
- Build, upgrade, customize your deck

Experience a whole new world of unique characters and cards. The gameplay is simple enough for even the most novice players. Plan out your moves, grow the deck to suit your play style. Crush your opponents with brute force or outsmart them to claim your victory. Use clever tactics and strategies to eliminate your opponent. Card Battle offers a lot of heroes and abilities to choose from, which can be upgraded and evolved. Play with up to six people in a tournament like elimination structure. Play cards to deal damage to the opponents, the last survivor takes the crown, loot, cash, and glory.

Step into the battleground with your customized decks and go head-to-head against your family and friends in a game of strategy, tactics, and brute force. Experience the thrill of battling 4-6 people at once, with 6 times the twists and thrill.
Challenge opponents head-on, enter a world of online matchmaking and real-time matches, beat them for amazing rewards and glory. Online matchmaking allows you to clash against real people online, anytime, and anywhere. The winner gets amazing rewards, chests, and loot!

Enjoy the nostalgia of classic trading card games (TCG) and collectible card games (CCG). Mixed with the quirky fun elements of a throwdown game! Build, customize, upgrade, trade, develop your own unique deck, and take on...