Quiz of the Christian Bible ( King James Version ) v1.3.0 [MOD]
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Quiz of the Christian Bible ( King James Version ) Desctiption
Quiz of the Christian Bible is an educational bible study app that presents a lot of information from the bible in the form of a multiple choice quiz. There are thousands of questions within this trivia app and six categories with an additional Assorted mode that pulls questions from different categories. The quiz categories in this app include; All About Jesus, Events & Places, Fill in the Blank, Fill in the Blank(with Jesus), People of the Bible, & Which Book? This app can be used a bible study tool with it being the form of a test / quiz with the bible as the reference. This app was created with the KJV ( King James Version ) of the Holy Bible as main reference.

All About Jesus - This category features info about Jesus in regards to his birth, teachings, travels, family, disciples, death, & resurrection.

Events & Places - This category features info on the events in the Old & New Testament along with notable happenings at specific places within the bible.

Fill in the Blank- This category presents bible verses from the Old & New Testament with one or more words missing. The goal of this category is to correctly pick the missing words. (Verses were pulled directly from the King James Version Holy Bible.)

Fill in the Blank - Similar to the previous category, except all of the verses in this category are those spoken by Jesus Christ. This is also known as the red text in some versions of the bible, which are used as quotes by Jesus Christ. (Verses were pulled directly from the King James Version Holy Bible, specifically the red text, which is believed to be words spoken by Jesus Christ)

People of the Bible - This category features questions about the lives, actions and families of people throughout the bible from the Old & New Testament.

Which Book? - In this category, a bible verse will be shown for each question and your goal is to pick which book in the bible the verse came from. There are...