Tute a Cuatro v1.1.1 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Card
  • SIZE: 68M
  • Post Date: March 1, 2021
  • Update Date: 3 years ago
  • Views: 126
Tute a Cuatro Desctiption
The Tute a Cuatro for Android is designed to enjoy a fast, comfortable and dynamic game. Comply with all the rules of the original game.

- The first serve will be of the player. Then it will alternate.
- The player's partner will be the game itself, and it will be placed at the top of the screen.
- The cantes can only be done in the first round, and it is noticed with a button that flashes on the game table.
- The game plays automatically by ordering your cards based on a series of priorities such as winning the trick, searching for opponents' songs, dragging, etc ...
- From the options menu it can be configured so that the cards are automatically sorted for the player, so that the cards that can be cast or not are made and to activate or not the music.
- The games are saved automatically and can be recovered by clicking on the "Resume" button. The start of a new game will overwrite the previously saved game.
- Keep in mind that this game is programmed to play the best you can. He doesn't care if he wins or loses.