• Version: 2.0.05
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Action
  • SIZE: 75M
  • Post Date: June 10, 2021
  • Update Date: 6 days ago
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“HEROES CLASH - PVP AND ZOMBIE" - Exciting battle game, battlegrounds game, online game.

This is a completely online multiplayer shooting game, in 3D top-down graphics.

You will be fascinated by the fierce battles between you and the other players, or with your friends. The best is the winner, but if you want to be the best you have to use excellent skills, a quick mind and a great reflex.

Run, dodge, shoot and use the right items, combining these with proficiency, you will become an expert.

Beside your skills, have many weapons, item to you use. Guns, secondary weapon, bomb, rocket...many and many. You can pick up your favorites and starting defeat the other players!


- MULTIPLAYERS, REAL-TIME BATTLES: Enjoy multiplayer, online, real-time battles to defeat the other players.

- Create Team to DEFEAT ALL MONSTERS, KILL BOSS to save the world!

- LOTS OF WEAPONS: There are a lot of Guns and Secondary Weapon for you choose. Each weapon have different ability. For example: gun "Battleworn Phase Gun" can slow move speed's enemy, gun "Hope of the Phoenix" can shoot 2 bullets at the same time. Axe "Bloodied Ebon Broadaxe" will increase Health....

- UPGRADE WEAPON: You can also UPGRADE separate value of weapon, more upgrading, more powerful.

- BREAKTHROUGH WEAPON: Using your WEAPON FRAGS to breakthrough weapon to upgrade weapon to a new level.

- GEMSTONE SYSTEM: There a many Gemstones you can use to get more powerful.

- LOTS OF ITEMS: You can use many items to support during the battle (Bomb, Rocket, Healing, Shield, Buff move speed, Buff Armor...). Use the right item at the right time will help you a lot.

- MANAGE YOUR CHARACTER: There are 4 indices of your character: Health, Armor, Shield and Move Speed. You can also upgrade these indices using level up point (you will gain 1 point after level...