Dragon Raja – SEA v1.0.172 [MOD]
  • Version: 1.0.172
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Role Playing
  • SIZE: 66M
  • Post Date: August 7, 2021
  • Update Date: 1 year ago
  • Views: 413
Dragon Raja - SEA Desctiption
Best Competitive Game of Google Play 2020 in SEA
The Most Anticipated Game award — Unreal Open Day 2019
16th IMGA Awards Best Game For 5G

“Starlight Island” – A fabulous new map is now open, waiting for you to check out the attractions!
“Dragonblood” – New system added, come and unlock the new combat skills!

Dragon Raja SEA brings you more of imagination! No matter starting a romantic life with your soul mate, building a dream house, or being a dragon slayer with teammates, making friends from all over the world, you can lead a second life here! Dragon Raja SEA creates an immersive open world through the use of cutting-edge technology and stunning graphics, where you can raise your babies with beloved one and challenge yourselves on real-time battlefields.

A new map - Starlight Island has opened!
Welcome to the fairyland on earth, where cherry trees stand among the sea of flowers.
Away from stress and burden, enjoy the tranquility and flowers everywhere.
Listen, bells under the cherry trees are ringing; look, whales are emerging near the coast.
Shall we ride the whale and retire to Starlight Island?
Or do you want to linger in the fairyland and meet a lover here?
The island is now open, welcome to explore!

A new system – Dragonblood is now available!
Dragonblood used to only exist in legends, but now with the powerful computing power and magical genetic technology that even surpasses EVA, we can finally arm ourselves with the power of Dragonblood that is unmatched in the mortal world!
Go to cultivate your Dragonblood, to assist you in the battles to come!

Many landmark locations around the world have been recreated in Dragon Raja SEA for you to explore and travel!
With the open storyline, different dialogues with NPCs based off of your own choices, give you the power to change the very world. You can also take a selfie with your favorite characters...