Matemáticas 12 años v1.0.20 [MOD]
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Matemáticas 12 años Desctiption
Review the MATH syllabus for 12-year-olds with our fun application, completing the map of topics until you reach the final exam.

- Totally free.
- Adapted to the 2020/2021 academic year.
- Specially designed for First ESO children.
- 1000 questions.
- Final exam.
- Easy to play.
- Possibility of playing without Internet.

Natural numbers: Large numbers, Approximation by rounding, Properties of addition and relationship with subtraction, Multiplication by two figures, Multiplication problems, Divide a 4-digit number by another 2, Divide by a 3-digit number and Combined operations.
Powers and roots: Powers, squares and cubes, Powers of base 10, Polynomial decomposition of a number, Operations with powers, Square root, Exact roots and integer roots.
Divisibility: Multiples of a number, Least common multiple, Divisors of a number, Greatest common divisor, Prime and composite numbers.
Whole numbers: Positive and negative numbers, Comparison and ordering of whole numbers, Absolute and opposite value of an integer, Addition of whole numbers, Problems with whole numbers, Multiplication and division of whole numbers and Powers of whole numbers.
Decimal numbers: Decimal numbers, Comparison and ordering of decimals, Approximation by rounding of decimals, Addition and subtraction of decimal numbers, Multiplication of decimal numbers and Division of decimal numbers.
The Metric System: The submultiples of the meter, The multiples of the meter, Complex and incomplete expressions of measures of length, Problems of measures of length, The liter: Multiples and submultiples, Complex and incomplete expressions of measures of capacity, The gram: Multiples and submultiples, complex and incomplete expressions of mass measurements, surface units and volume units.
Fractions: Fractions, The fraction of a quantity, Comparison of fractions and Equivalent fractions.
Operations with fractions: Reduction to a common denominator,...