Maze Runner Ultimate  New 3D maze game free v0.24 [MOD]
  • Version: 0.24
  • ROOT: No
  • Categories: Adventure
  • SIZE: 25M
  • Post Date: August 8, 2021
  • Update Date: 2 years ago
  • Views: 250
Maze Runner Ultimate New 3D maze game free Desctiption
★ Maze runner ultimate 3D is a free adventure & puzzle game that brings the classic labyrinth games or maze games into a whole new 3D maze level of gaming. The player has to get out of the maze in the given time.

★★ The player can use the map to get out of the 3D maze. This amazing 3D maze game is available for free and is suitable for everyone. Use joystick buttons to walk, run, turn in 3D maze. The graphics and animations in this game will amaze you with a smooth workflow on your device.

★★★ Compete with your brain and complete all levels for a treasure of experience. It is one of the best maze games 3D in the play store. You can not find another maze game with this size depending on your android device. It works smoothly on even a low-end device or with less memory.

Game features:
🔔 30 levels
🔔 Easy to play: forward, backward, turn left and turn right controls
🔔 Cool graphics and amazing animations
🔔 Mini-map
🔔 Snow level, Night level, Blue sky level, Lava level, Grass level, foggy sky level, cloudy sky level and more more...
🔔 Supports for 10 languages include English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Russian and German.
🔔 Offline play
🔔 Smooth running on android device
🔔 Cool music and sound effects that take you into another world.
🔔 Snowfall, fireflies and more cool particle effects.
🔔 Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year theme levels.

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