Karl : Healthy food for kids v1.11 [MOD]
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  • Post Date: September 20, 2019
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Karl : Healthy food for kids Desctiption
A different and relaxed way to teach your children to eat a healthy diet. Karl brings attention to the dilemma faced by children: that of whether to eat healthy food or not.

We all want to eat and drink things that are not healthy: hamburgers, pizza, and soft drinks. This is also the case with youngster Jonny. His good luck is that he has Karl to keep him away from these temptations.

Whenever Jonny comes across food that is not healthy, his inner conscience enters a state of conflict. It is then that Karl, the personification of the healthy side of the boy's conscience, appears, to fight against the villains of food and drink. These appear in several different forms, including an enormous Hot-Dog, a dangerous Soft Drink Vending Machine robot, or even a Macchiavellian Candy Floss.

+ Child-friendly interface
+ A different and relaxed way to teach your children to eat a healthy diet
+ Perfect for restaurants, long trips, waiting rooms and tantrum relief
+ Keep your child entertained anywhere, anytime. Even without Internet
+ Buy just once, and use with your smartphone and tablet

Created by Spirit

Published by 01 Digital